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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting into It

Yesterday was a day of "getting into it." I got into haircut in preparation for our trip, (we leave a week from Saturday). I got back into exercising after taking a leave of four months to coddle my knee, (I'm sick of gaining weight and coddling). I got deeper into the painting of my backyard in summer, (I'm going to have to come up with a better title than that). And oh, I got into a suntan. The weather was so terrific, I put on shorts, pulled a chair out and exposed my pasty white legs to the warm rays. Altogether it was a great day. Lots of vitamin D.

Today will be just as progressive. I'm getting into some new prostheses. I've an appointment at Susan's Special Needs to look into new breast prostheses. I wasn't aware that health insurance would cover new breast prostheses after the first ones I got after the surgery, until Susan sent me a letter last week about a new lighter weight design and mentioned that I could have a new pair every other year plus a couple of bras; these things wear out. I'm pretty excited about that, since breast prostheses are costly, (375 per), and I've decided against reconstruction, (enough knives and more scars and months of getting them puffed up just right--besides I play the piano better and I'm terrific at archery). Now the big decision is: should I get a size larger to make my waist look smaller? Proportion is everything you know--in body parts as well as art. Hum?

Last week, one of my friends asked, why are you writing your blog about drawing and painting when women really want to know all about breast cancer? Do they? I didn't think so. I told her drawing and painting is a lot more upbeat. People like upbeat.--And after having had breast cancer, my kind of upbeat fun is what I want to spend time doing and writing about. Until today.

Today,I'm making an exception. I decided that maybe somebody else in my situation didn't know that they could get new breast prostheses and insurance would cover them?
Of course, that's what Susan said in the letter and over the phone. I won't be absolutely certain till I get there and poke it-- get into it and buy a set and see just how much of the cost my health insurance will really cover?

Then I plan to come home and do what I did yesterday: sunbathe and paint. The temp is going to be a summery seventy five--tomorrow eighty--and we're going to Puerto Vallarta for the warmth...hum?

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