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Friday, March 19, 2010

Miniature Victories

A lot of playing around this week with paint,bikes,computers,cameras and scanners, not all of it fun.

You've heard my rant about slideshow production. Today I could tell you about the scanner that we thought didn't work, but actually does. Determined to use it for directly importing the smaller pieces of artwork into this computer instead of pictures of the pictures, I decided to look into the situation and finally found the program in Vista with the right wizard. It was right in front of my nose--just a bit more difficult to get to than with XP. No longer having to fight my own shadow on the shoot only to get inferior photographs with poor focus and uneven lighting, I'm a much happier blogger today. Small victories.

This miniature abstract was the first to benefit from my technical enlightenment. It's a palette print on water colour paper that came out quite well. The left over paints on my palette were just the right consistency, manipulated well and printed beautifully on the watercolour block. It will make a lovely, original hand painted note the next time I need one.

Yes, I'm old fashioned. I still send handwritten notes when most folks e-mail or text. In this machine age of scanners, cameras and computer art, I'm a stubborn, old time, hands-on artist; I still like a personal touch for acknowledging personal kindnesses. Plus have you noticed that getting cards or letters from friends via the post office is much more exciting now that mail is so rare?

Have a lovely weekend. After three glorious days, it's going to be cold and rainy here--good movie,reading,painting, shopping weather. I need a pair of white flats.

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