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Friday, March 19, 2010

Palette Prints: Sometimes Lucky, Somtimes Not

I can be lucky or not when making happenstance prints from the paint left on my palette. The two miniature abstracts above came from the same palette as yesterday's print and needed, in my opinion no deliberate touches to finish them. The one below, not so.

When I saw yesterday's print, I thought, "Now what do I do to save this monstrosity"? It definitely needed attention--some painterly additions--before I could consider sending it to anyone. Perhaps more white carefully splattered in the lower left side with a toothbrush? Maybe a solid small fleck or two of black on the lower right hand side to stop the rolling motion from rolling right off the picture plane? And what was supposed to be an as-luck-would-have-it print, became a conscious artistic effort. I got out my toothbrush, Titanium White and black magic marker and did what I could.

I think, I might have saved it? I lightened up the mood with a lot of toothbrush splatter and added rhythmic dots of solid black to tame the (e)motion and balance the composition. And that's enough with that one.

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