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Thursday, March 18, 2010

There's More to Drawing than Doing It

my blogger art 157 (2) by linda

So you want to make a slideshow of your own artwork? So you really want to make a slideshow of all the art work you did the past 80 days. It isn't that easy with Blogger; the gadget is miss-sold in the menu. It's says "with your photos," but you can only make a show with theirs, unless you're some kind of computer geek.

Being not a geek, but a stubborn son-of-a-gun, I persevered. I thought it might be fun to take stock. So I made a Picasa Album of my blogger art, (since Picasa was on the menu), and then was stopped cold. After visiting "help" many times and following a false lead (link above), I was finally steered towards RSS links and feeder URLS and using the word "other," instead Picasa. Then I sat and sat and sat waiting for success. At long last my photos were "loading"--and loading and loading. I went for a bike ride. They were still loading when I got back.

An hour later, my slideshow was loaded and operating,(as you can see in the right column).I rushed with joy to show Honey I had not spent most of the glorious day inside in vain. And what does he tell me? "You may be able to do slideshows, but you can't spell sixty". And he points to yesterday's post title "Sixy Seven Degrees? Check" which yes, much to my distress had a typo.

Aside from the fact that Honey will be missing his mouth in his portrait, he did point out a flaw in blogger spell-check. While spell-check can check your copy for spelling, it doesn't check the spelling in the title box. This is, as we call it in the business, a design flaw. The flaw, easily fixed or not, took some wind out of my sails after my joyful accomplishment.

The drawback in drawing is: If you make pictures, you're not done when you lay down the pencil. If you want to do something them with them, you have to play with them: matte them, frame them, photograph them, exhibit them, sell them, store them or give them to the kids for the holidays. A slideshow is a comprehensive exhibit, an inventory, a record of what's been going on in this blog. I was interested in that since regular production is why I started the blog in the first place and I like seeing where I've been. The framed photograph of my son's childhood drawing, poorly photographed I was so tired of playing with pictures by then or maybe due to the non glare plexiglass,is another way to store artwork, an easier way by far--but not as easy as throwing them in a drawer.

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