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Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a Little Dash Here, A Shpritz There

I went to the studio to start a new painting and went back into an old one instead. What caught my attention was how pat the colors and how hard edged the forms were; the painting was too neat for my taste. It needed some smearing and spraying to get those colors and forms to mingle, to run together to make new colors. So I jumped into it again while dancing to the music.

I really do think that painting should be counted as an aerobic exercise. When I'm doing it to my tunes, I don't stop moving for a minute. I'm up. I'm down. I twist. I twirl. I rock from side to side. The Painting Dance is absolutely exhilarating. and I can do it for over an hour before I feel the burn and I know the endorphins have been aroused.

I like the moves I made on the painting yesterday. It's messier now as a floral bouquet should be. The painting wasn't bad before. It just needed some roughing up, some mood, some energy. Most of the florals you see in the museum or people's dining rooms, the flowers just sit there in the vases still and neat. I hate those paintings. They're boring. I haven't signed this one yet. I'll give it the three day (or more) observation period. After that, I'll decide if it's finished, or I have to dance one more time?

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