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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out of Balance and Headed Out of Town

It was difficult to decide what to draw for today, for I spent most of yesterday sadly missing the days when I drew architectural drawings most of the time and this kind of drawing in the evenings and on weekends. I feel out of whack; my artistic work life is out of balance.

I blame the government officials who did a pp job regulating the banks. I blame the bankers for liberally giving loans to every Tom, Dick and Harry without thoroughly checking them out. I blame those folks who took the money and bought houses way out of their league. I blame the bankers who are still in the game for rectifying their industry's mistakes by being so tight with money that folks with secure jobs can't get equity loans. And I'm not working anywhere near as much as I would like, because without equity loans, my clients can't remodel their homes.The couple of the kitchen I designed several posts ago are still looking for the money to do the project; they're waiting on an assessment--and what's that going to be when everybody's house is worth half of what they paid for it.

To cheer myself up I chose my beach bag, pith helmet (my favorite sunhat because it really is a jungle out there), and our new Mr. Wilson Tournament Volley ball. All are going to Puerto Vallarta in just two weeks for twelve days of R & R.

Blow up my architectural drawings of Mai House and take a real look at them. In 1993 I designed the house from the inside out for Honey and me and our lifestyle needs at the time. I was curious as to how much square footage we needed for all the things we like to do at home. The total came out to be 4100; money wasn't an issue in this exercise, just the amount of space necessary for comfort. This is just the first floor; there's a walk out lower level off the pool with exercise room and bar and a third floor/walk out with my design studio and guest quarters. The exterior is contemporary. It's a fantasy house, of course. We bought a condo considerably smaller.

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