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Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Start, New Possibilities

After imprinting the paint that remained on my palette from yesterday's floral, I finally started the new painting I had in mind of my "Woods in Summer". For the rough-in colour, I chose magenta mixed with raw umbra; so that's the only colours I placed on the palette. After getting the dominant darks placed, I was done. It was time to change to some cool colour. But you know how I hate to waste paint--particularly a magenta that costs a lot --so I "printed" some other small canvases --and I "played" with rubbing alcohol, which caused the paint to separate and expose the gessoed white canvas below. I have no idea how technically sound my move was, but it was fascinating to watch, (I'll scrub the canvases tomorrow to wash out the alcohol residue). Then Honey and I went to lunch to celebrate yesterday's 90th blog.

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