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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh No! Hands!

Honey as he's been standing for months waiting for me to finish him off. What stopped me was what stops a lot of artists: "HANDS? OH NO"! --In particular, the way he's got his hands--flat out, not curled around anything,not exerting any pressure, but just sort of hooked on his waist band with his fingers just hanging there patiently waiting for me to take the photo with the usual "hurry up" expression on his face.

To get a sense of volume from this flat position with a minimum of modeling was maddening. So I walked away. Yesterday I went back. Blew up the original photo, zoomed in, cropped and printed. Then last night I did a close up study of the photo in pencil. It's not great, but at least the technique that's going to say hands best became obvious.

Dissecting a subject matter and zeroing in on the areas that may be troublesome is a common practice of mine--particularly in pictures like this where the subject matter must be recognizable to the viewer: me, Honey's Honey.

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