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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Face Out of the Blue

This was the portrait that made me think three years ago that I should investigate portrait painting. I have no idea who she is. In fact as far as I know she isn't. I was "doodling" around on a canvas and this woman's head developed like magic; I developed her till she was done. Then I took a look around my house at all the pix on the walls. They were all figurative, full or busts. That gave me another push.

After drawing a bunch of sweet pictures of all the grandkids, I decided it was adults that interested me. Their facial expressions and body postures revealed so much of their attitudes, the truth of their life experiences. I began a full figure painting of my Honey, but have yet to finish it. Today, I will stop procrastinating.

Why am I telling you all this. Guilt. I didn't draw yesterday--didn't make one mark on paper I could show you. Instead, I had a lovely Valentines Day champagne brunch at home with Honey. Then we dashed out the door at four to go see Avatar, a beautiful movie with great computer special effects, and didn't get home till eight. The movie was incredibly long,(and not really worthy of all those awards--maybe best animated film? Maybe best special effect? But certainly no real acting was going on during this run of the mill war story). By the time I made and we had dinner, that was enough Valentines Day for me.

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