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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready. Set. Go!

While neat freaks might say, my meager, 12 by 12, little studio is still a mess; it is not. I cleaned it yesterday. You can't eat off the floor and the sink still needs work, but I cleared away all that went before to make room for what's going to go on next: Honey.

While shuffling through all the papers that had collected in piles all around, I came across my newest note paper paintings,(made from the Winter Lake pallets). I made the miniature abstract paintings from paint left over on my pallet and a block of watercolor paper; the pallet was the printing plate. The three shown here came out quite nice.

Waste not, want not. My handcrafted notes are very personal, friends like getting an original painting and I didn't waste any of my precious paint. (Using the acrylic paint up also saves the drain in my sink from stopping up).

I also came across a close up drawing of eyes. It was done on vellum with markers--the good ones, (not the ones for kids), and simplified. It was a 'cartoon." I did it when I thought Honey's painting was getting too involved and I wanted to find another approach to simplifying the composition. I was experimenting with this drawing with painting flat. But as it turned out, the flat approach was too late for Honey; the canvas had already picked up texture. It was a good find; I kept it.

Cleaning the studio wipes the slate clean for a fresh start. The act clears my mind. Finding and seeing work with fresh eyes, makes evaluation easier. Being detached by time, my opinion, if it's trash or treasure, is much more objective than when the work was new. And when I find more treasures than trash while cleaning, my self confidence soars. Cleaning the studio is a pep rally of sorts. Now on with the game!

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