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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Unread Books

My line up of unread books sitting there on the shelf waiting for me to get around to them would make a lively abstract--soft edge--bleed the colors. Do it on damp paper with watercolour. Block out the whites. Some scrumbling needed in the background, then a glaze. Leave a border. I think about doing this painting every evening lying on the couch watching TV. The books sit to the left across from my feet.

I like to watch TV, as Peter Sellers said in Being There. Preferably a movie. AMC and Encore often have an oldie I can't refuse. The other night, it was William Holden in Sunset Boulevard. Gloria Swanson,(a friend of my long gone friend's mom), really knew how to say crazy with her bulging eyes, a talent she picked up for certain in her years in silent films. Then just Friday evening, I watched Taps, with Timothy Hutton, Shaun Penn and Tom Cruise, all looking like they just got their drivers licences. While I watch TV, the books watch me and I feel guilty for just letting them sit there neglected. A still life is in order. They'll be subject matter for painting, reading matter later.

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