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Friday, February 26, 2010

I Love My Windsor Chair Still-- It's Believable

My first perspective drawing and our first kitchen remodel sold in 1987. The drawing assured the homeowner that she could have a working computer station with storage in her very long and very narrow space.

For this very same kitchen, a line drawing showing the sand blast design I did for the two different sized windows that would be stacked together and placed in the wall over the new location of the sink. With the shorter window on top of the longer window and placed low in the "splash" area, there would be space for cabinetry storage to the sides and above. The sand blast treatment would both hide the ugly view of the neighbor's house across the driveway and most importantly, let in natural light. The very long, very narrow first kitchen we did in business was also very dark.

Both drawings were done to scale. Both showed the clients exactly what they were getting for their money. Both were instrumental in establishing trust between our company, (Me, the space designer, and Honey, the general contractor), and the homeowners, a top priority in residential remodeling.

Today, twenty three years later, conceptual drawings are mostly done by computer (CAD or 20-20). I'm still doing mine by hand; doing them by hand, I get to touch every surface and be assured that all surfaces will go together as I think they should. In presentation, being hand made on art papers, the drawings have a warmer friendlier appearance. Prospective clients can't keep their hands off of them; they're art pieces.

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