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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Would You Ever Draw a Toilet?

my friend asked in response to my post the day before. I patiently explained:

I did the toilet for the next time I have to make a perspective drawing of a bathroom with one in it, (and they all have them). Even though the toilet-like scribble was recognizable in the perspective I posted, I thought it was unacceptable. I should be able to do better. Clients love perspective drawings. Of the four conceptual drawings that I do for a remodeling project, the perspective is the only one that clearly shows the homeowners what they are buying.

Toilets are less than picturesque I agree. You can't see the toilet in the master bath pictured above. It's in a private toilet/shower room to the right of the tub deck. You can see the shower "window" reflected in the mirror. we cut one into that wall to let the light in from the lovely large window. Meanwhile the toilet in this much smaller bath immediately hits you in the eye, (I suppose next time I should do a study with the lid up).

Both these remodeled bathrooms began as drawings, conceptual drawings. The package included a floor plan, an electrical plan, cabinetry elevations, a perspective and sometimes in sophisticated structures like the ones pictured (skylights, peaked ceiling etc.), a ceiling plan. I use the drawings to "walk" the homeowners through the space. When they are satisfied that their new space will have everything in it they had in mind, some of the drawings must be redone with whatever corrections, additions and eliminations were made during our planning meetings; they must be correct for they will be used again in the construction phase where errors are definitely not acceptable.

Conceptual drawings are every bit as arty and challenging as some of the other drawings I've shown--maybe more so? Clients are involved. Investment is involved. Construction to safety codes is involved. That's the fun of those drawings. They come alive. They become a solid, safe structures that folks can walk through and touch and be delighted every time they walk in to take a pee.
I love doing my conceptual drawings as much as I love painting Honey or my lake in winter; when built, they change people's lives.

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