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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Style: Forget About It

Honey's coming along. But this painting is so different than anything I've done before, it really makes me nervous. The subject demands a tight treatment, I'm used to working loose. While waiting for my paint to dry, I took a look at some of the other paintings lying around the studio.

And I came to the conclusion that my theory all these years has merit: subject matter determines style.

As an art student, developing a painting style was a big conversation.I kept waiting for mine to show itself,some sort of consistency in my work, but it never did; my approach kept changing according to what I was painting,(and how I was feeling on the day I was painting it). Honey, my first painted portrait clearly supports my theory when compared to a wooded landscape, a cityscape and a floral. --Then I think about the recent "doodle". That style that keeps popping up adds more support. I think I'll just forget about it.

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