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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Play of Textures, of Contrasts

I moved into color too quickly, but I felt like it. I had an artist friend over for lunch and our discussion of color, I suppose, gave me the push?

While I love some of the colors that Derwent Colours offer, they don't have some of the darkest colors that Prismacolor offer--like a dark green and blue indigo, the two I was looking for when I had to put the drawing down. The darkest color Derwent has in the 36 coloursoft box is black; I never use black. It's dead. I'd rather mix indigo with dark green or a red orange--more lively.

The print of the fabric of the handbag is starting to interest me. It's a contrast of light and dark

Sketches are great for finding out what it is about the subject that really interests you. Contrasts between elements always intregues me.

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