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Monday, January 9, 2017

Turning Life Into Art

Float Gently Down The Stream, graphite sketch, 6" x 4"

An ideal philosophy, but hardly doable in a world filled with unimaginable grief.

With Just The Clothes On Their Back, charcoal on canvas board,
Drawn from a photograph seen in Time magazine. I'm sorry I did not note the
photographer's name; I was too drawn to the harshness of his subject.

Street Person At the Recycle Plant, charcoal on canvas panel 9" x 12"

I've come out of the woods, but my heart is still heavy.  Charcoal suits my mood and my subject: those who are suffering loss. It's impossible to turn a blind eye, to hide from the truth of the human condition in a landscape or a bouquet of flowers even if the landscape is bleak ad the flowers wilted.


  1. Bravo, Linda! You say and draw what we all feel - you have the guts to do it. It is a frightening and dark world out there, and I am sure we, in the west, only glimpse a tiny portion of what is really happening. Thank you for this post!

    1. Thanks Kathryn. I have to paint what moves me. The human condition, mostly not in a state of happiness, always grabs my attention and holds my interest throughout the painting process. Sketching allows me to find a subject worth my efforts and time.

  2. Looking back through your postings, you seem to be going through a tough time my friend. You're picking up everybody else's worries along the way too. Wish I were closer so that we could then 'put the world to rights'over a bottle of vino!

    The world, as you well know, is and always was a mess. In Yorkshire (England) they have a saying: "There's nought as queer [strange] as folk," and its a fact. I spent a large part of my flying career on 'Evacuation and Aero-Medical Flights' in and out of the world's trouble-spots... I guarantee that there is nothing so wicked as that which people can do to each other.... one reason for me to live, as I do, on a remote coast in a small gentle community

    1. Ellis was diagnosed with lung cancer last Thanksgiving. Since then we've been going through all the verification tests. He was finally biopsied this last week and things are looking brighter. But these last weeks sure did knock the winds out of my sails. Looking at the other problems in our world got me off our own.

    2. Also allowed me to feel not alone and rid myself of the stress.

  3. Oh, Linda, I didn't know, I'm so sorry. So patronising of me to write what I wrote at such a time. Give him my warmest good wishes.

    In my prayers, dear friend.