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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Catching Up On A Commitment

With Honey's biopsy done earlier last week, my attention turned back to drawing daily while we wait for the prognosis, (which I was told wouldn't  be as bad as we had been told it could be). 

Still catching my breath though,  my concentration is disrupted.  Serious painting is on hold.   Small drawings are just enough. Last week, they were glum; This week, they are much more upbeat.  If things keep going well, I might even do enough in January to  satisfy my self imposed commitment? I hope so. 

JUMP!,  graphite  4" x 6"

In Her Stride, graphite 4" x 6"

Close-Up, 4 x 6 graphite

Soaking In The Rays, 6 x 4 graphite

Chillin', 6 x 4 graphite

Toss It To Me, 6 x 4 graphite


  1. Wow, don't they look fabulous all together! You have such a clear vision, something to be well proud of!

    1. There are benefits with seeing a week's worth of sketches in one format. You can take pride in having carried through your commitment to drawing daily plus you get another chance to judge the quality of the work, the subject and either decide it's worth further development, or to let it go. The only sketch in this lot worth moving on with is JUMP. I can see that one in paint on canvas.

  2. I love seeing your sketches, Linda, and must admit to preferring the "happy" drawings. I find myself still [years after seeing it in a gallery] being "haunted" by Kathe Kollwitz's drawing of a woman mourning and holding her dead son. Yup ... I'm somewhat of an ostrich.


    1. Thanks Kathryn. Drawing keeps me connected. I always admired artists like Goya, Van Gogh, Delacroix, early Picasso--artists who painted the human condition. Even Daumier and his lawyers.