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Thursday, May 12, 2016

As Life Happens

Paint Table, oil on canvas board 8" x 6"

My Paint Box, oil on canvas board 8" x 6"

Life as it happens is the subject of my spontaneous, warm-up paintings in the gestural style,   Ordinary items that are right in front of me depending on how long my interest lasts.  The results are vigorous notations or sketches. The exercise is perfect for shaking loose muscles and quieting the mind  before going on to more serious work.

Morris, or The Guitarist, is serious work--more serious than I thought when I first decided to take on the reference using the highly controlled Venetian or Flemish method of the sixteenth century.  Morris is not only a portrait of the man's facial features, but his hands and his guitar and his clothing. all the things that make that man that man.  The subject challenges drawing skills, my eye for values and  the muscle control in my hand and arm. What I am learning from this method of painting is priceless--discipline, patience. Tough lessons for a free spirited amateur painter with a touch of road rage for folks who do not use turn signals! 

Oils are an active, stand up sport  done in the studio.  Playing in the watercolours is better than reading a book on holiday.  And graphite pencil is perfect for days my knee doesn't want to stand in front of the easel or I just feel like sitting in my lounge chair where no oils are permitted.  Those days are going to get fewer  July 21 st  when I my right knee will be as sound as the left; it's being operated on July 11th.  My art mirrors my life as it happens.

Mother's Day, my back was out.  Graphite pencil and the soft cushions of my lounge chair dictated the art of the day.

Just One More Page, #3B Berol on Strathhmore 400 drawing paper 6" x 8"


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  1. It is difficult to to believe the same person did this work. Such excitement, movement, colour and then still, calm, thoughtful and such patience! I am in AWE!