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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wrapping up The WC Holiday

This is quite a change from the palm trees and waterways of Florida, but I wanted  to hold on to the holiday spirit a bit longer.  This is April Lake, about 8" x 6" and a mix of WC and pastels.  It's the view from my bedroom window.

I set up a WC station on the bar in my lower level and rather than paint some trumped up still life, I painted what was in front of me, the lower level seating area.  Interiors is 8" x 6" and very static and geometric.  I wasn't satisfied, so I painted the scene again.

This time I laid down dribbles and puddles, let them dry thoroughly and then went in with a gray pencil to add some structure.  The structure made me feel better about my lack of skill with WC.  I added enough dribbles and dabs to satisfy my sense of balance and called Interiors #2 a day.  My holiday with WC is over. Monday, back to the easel and the very seriious Venetian Technique in oils.  


  1. Love what you did with Interiors #2. I don't have that skill/imagination. If it doesn't suit first's binned. Wow, I love that!

  2. I sure love your "holiday with watercolors"....!

  3. You don't lack of nothing...This is your watercolor style,so fine!!!

  4. You know your watercolors are my favorite and what drew me to your blog!.. The jewel tone colors are rich!

  5. Nice work on Interiors #2, Linda - so inviting. Your skill with watercolors is very wonderful and unique!

  6. Love how you painted Interiors #2 - so full of life and color!