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Monday, January 4, 2016

.Holiday's Over

Gabar, graphite, 6" x 8"
Gabar, or baby girl in Somalian, went unfinished for weeks. The 6x8 drawing was troublesome--or else I couldn't be bothered?  The weather in Mexico was sunny and warm, the Caribbean Sea was as glorious as ever, the people were interesting, conversations were great and finishing a sketch was not a priority.  Socializing an gathering new inspiration was my mission while I was out of the art cave.  Artists have  to breakout and experience life to keep their art lively. 
But I advise keeping breaks SHORT to keep things fresh.  Not extended holidays. If a break goes on too long, laziness sets in.  Let's face it, making art can be very annoying and distractions can be very attractive.
Back in the cave after a month away, I returned to find I was still out of linseed oil. No rotund, jolly little elf in a red suit had come in  to replenish my supply. Determined to get back to it, I tackled Gabar's  skin tones and finished her off. Next, the supply store.
Holiday's Over


  1. Love this, the skin tones are really well done, and that frown captured to perfection; a really worthwhile subject. Will you be taking it further into a painting?

    1. Thank you John, I don't know about a painting; the skin tones were what kept me from working on this drawing. I had never taken on such a challenge and it took me some time before I realized I had to lighten up on my pressure, not go darker. The stubs were most helpful. This was not the usual carefree drawings I like to work on on holiday.

  2. Love "Gabar!" A new favorite of my many L.W. Roth favorites! Welcome home!

  3. Thank you Michael. It's a favorite of mine too; the challenge was demanding, and I think I did okay for a first.