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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Watercolor Impressions

Watercolor impressions by the side of the pool of the other side of the pool with no preliminary drawing and really no intention of actually making a painting.  Thank G-d!

This first one became more than what I was after when I reached for the pen to draw details and later in the room tweaked the colors.  I had decided to lay down only the color's and patterns I saw in the scene, but panicked as they got more complicated.  Same scene seen daily is the challenge.  Just color layered one atop the other is the plan. Simple.  Not so simple when you are me.

I stopped to let this second attempt dry when I started to want pastels despretely.  An impatient soul, I over worked it. I did have some fun trying to manipulate drips, use my rag and experiment with dry brush, but really didn't get anything worthwhile. 

Watercolor is not my forte except on holidays. The materials are few and easily packed.  These two first efforts Really made me miss having a blocker, a soaking pan, a high powered hose, my opaque set and those pastels!  

But looking at these on computer, I do like the patterns I am seeing................................and so painting in series goes.


  1. Destroyed the second one! Nothing there.

  2. Watercolor is a constant struggle with patience and restraint.... Enjoy your holiday!

  3. I love the water painting on the top, rough but full of details. Interesting. ;)