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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Head Hunting For Subject Matter

"Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee,"
Mohamme Ali
With the laundry done, frig restocked, hair cut and Christmas 2015 history, I am processing the 187 photographs I took of total strangers on their holiday to Mexico, on our holiday to Mexico.

My camera is my key tool in finding possible subject matter.  I paint primarily using photographs.  I doodle from life, but stop the image and the light from changing with a single click of the shutter, (or five). 

After going through just a few photos, I saw I did manage to collect lots of interesting heads for drawing sessions and a few possible paintings. I don't know if I should post examples, so I probably shouldn't.  You're going to have to wait till my brush or pencil have my way with them.

All my shots were candid. No one knew I was aiming the lens their way.  I had no one's permission. I didn't ask for it. I like doing portraits of people caught off guard reacting to whatever. I am a die hard people watcher and shutterbug.

In between cropping and adjusting the values of my Mexico shots, I've been participating in a Face Book challenge launched by Martine Allison.  Here are my other entries, (two more to go), for the 7 Photographs, 7 days, 7 friends Nature Challenge:

Efflorescent Caribbean Sea, Cancun, A Study in Blues.

Winter White Out, Wipe Out.

Sunrise Possibilities

Mourning Doves? Lovebirds?

And here's a sneak preview of my last two contributions:

Water Over The Rocks, Straight Up.

Summer Rain

Summer Rain is a special photograph.  It served as a reference for a painting:

Summer Rain, Oil over Acrylics. 30" x 45"
Anyone interested in taking part in this challenge?  Let me know. I could use a couple more FB artist friends whose work involves photography.




  1. These are such amazing photography Linda! As far as reference pictures, I as well take those candid shots for my paintings...honestly, I'm not that talented where I would worry about someone recognizing themselves. Lol. Water over the rocks is SO beautiful! Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

    1. Your photograph of Monument National Park would be an excellent start. Want to participate? Thanks for your kind words. What's fun is going through my landscape photographic files seeking possible entries. I found a lot of possible painting references should the landscape bug bite me. :-))

  2. Oh my goodness, you know I'm the World's worst photographer so I'm out. Doesn't stop me enjoying yours though. Looking forward to a stream of characters you captured in Mexico.

    May the very Happiest and Healthiest New Year you have ever know lie in 2016, old friend, ... let's have fun!!

    1. Wishing you and Pat and your lovely family the same. Above all healthy! --I have been seriously considering quitting fooling around and getting back to painting. With one week to go I this year that's filled with docial activities, it looks like my seriousness won't kick in til January. Till then, I'll be evaluating the photographs I took, a job I do not hate.

      Do you show your wonderfully realistic work on FB? You should. Broader audience not totally comprised of artists, more buying viewers. Good exposure. The FB group is called Passionate artists. You definitely belong in a group with that name.

    2. I'll give it a try on FB, Linda, look out for me

  3. Outstanding photos! Merry Christmas and I look forward to your work from your Mexico holiday.

  4. great pictures! love them all. I also take candid pictures of people...some of them really turn out just right. Love your winter scene! Happy New Year

    1. Happy New year to you and yours too Celeste. I really can't wait for this holiday season to be over. This season always makes me feel in limbo--not here, not there. January first is a day to be celebrated.

  5. Beautiful pictures! My pc finally came back from the repair man, and I am digitally connected again, phew! I'll start the challenge on FB soon!

    1. No hurry. Happy New Year! Did you know that one of those fun quizzes on FB said you and I were the most alike of all my FB friends? I knew I should come to Amsterdam to meet you! Unfortunately I have a mate who is a curmudgeon and hates spending big bucks just to go to stand in line to see a museum (Van Gogh) and meet a blogger buddy. He can be such a dolt!