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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Just In Time--Whoops!

My home has been invaded with distractions at a time I welcome them. I wasn't hot to paint or draw since the cold from hell, now I have four good reasons to procrastinate longer as I shoot more up to date photos.

Erin and her dad, my youngest son Jon, graphite, 6" x 8"
WHOOPS! My daughter in-love tells me this is not her, it's my granddaughter Erin with her dad.  Obviously she bears a strong resemblance to her mom!  Obviously I do not get to see my kids and grandkids often enough and shouldn't just assume who it is when I snatch a photo reference from their FB pages.    So:

Kelly, Erin's Mom, graphite 9" x 12"
Granddaughter Erin. graphite, 6" x 8"


Dripping Wet, grandson JD, graphite, 6" x 8"





  1. You have been busy. Gorgeous drawings, interesting compos, your family of strong expressive characters, bit like you! Love Erin and her dad, such confidence!

  2. These aren't new. All of them were done during my thirty minute sessions over the winter months and posted. I thought Esther Ritz's work had gotten enough exposure. The kids, parents in their late forties, grandkids in their early teens, checked in for a week early Saturday morning. Our house went from the disquieting quiet of two to the disquieting uproar of a full house. It was great! So stimulating, I was moved to sketch.

  3. Your portrait drawings are fantastic! You capture the emotion of the moment so very well!! Love that drawing of Erin and her dad, too

    1. Thanks Kathrine. I am most comfortable with a pencil or stick of graphite or charcoal in my hand. Brush in hand, I become someone else. Painting is one thing; drawing is another. I have never been successful in uniting the two mediums into one cohesive style.