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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Small Doses. This and That

Now, how does this go? graphite, Thirty minute drawing series, twenty minute sketch.

.This gal first chased her hat. Then couldn't get her pareo tied.  I felt for her. The wind was strong, but she was determined to make an entrance.   This would make a lovely painting.  Her pareo was quite beautiful blowing in the wind--and I really did dig that hat. This morning's twenty minutes had a few chuckles.

I had another chuckle when I came across this doodle from years ago in my  new Picasa app.  I immediately thought of FB. I posted it as a challenge to participate in whenever the mood struck:  The When Art Was Fun Challenge.  It goes like this:  When art was fun, I had time to shop.  This sketch makes me smile.

Detail Erin in progress, oil. 

This kind of drawing goes slow and calculated,  The grid
give you an idea of where to place your mark, but your eye reads
the nature of the mark you want to make--thinking of the painted
edge the whole time.

the canvas is 20 x 16,  not too over powering.



  1. Is a pareo the same as a sarong? No matter, love her, can't wait for the painting! You are exciting and intimidating at the same time, And no matter how many times you say it, I never get that painting over grisaille makes it easier. I am just dumb

    1. The grisaille makes zeroing on the color value easier. THe drawing is down damn good. The shade, the tint is down on the money. The task then getS to be how dark or light to make that yellow? The color layer is the topping on the cake. The cake is the grisaille. Ruby will be a painting eventually. After I finish Erin, I think it's time for some free wheeling paint slinging. I have to finish Erin to clear an easel--or I could just put her aside? Pareo is Spanish for sarong--maybe? Anyway that's what the bathing suit manufactures call these large scary-like wrap arounds.

    2. I have to try and do it properly, otherwise I shall never get it.

  2. Actually I just spent 15 years 'loosening up', I really don't think I want to go back, it is too late to start again from the beginning, too many bad habits to throw off!

    1. I'm not in love with this method, just curious. I've painted loose my whole life--will again. Adding color to Erin is my way of finishing that class I took.