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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Glad To Be Here

Glad To Be Here,  8 x 6, graphite, Thirty Minute Drawing Series

Thirty Minutes Drawing:

I had a heck of a time photographing this drawing this morning!  I tried a number of camera setting, settling on the one for black and white documents--and I still got shades of gray across the page!  It's too damn cold to go out under the open sky to shoot--plus there's snow on the deck. So imagine this on a white ground.

I'll be in The Hot Tub, 9 x 12 oil sketch in progress

In The Studio:

I'll be in The Hot Tub  was in hot water yesterday.  But thanks to sketching her first, I didn't have any difficulties correcting  her weight on the supporting leg and resetting the tilt of her head. My initial draw in with paint and brush had been way off. Her stance was  sound, however, by the time fatigue set it and I closed up shop.  As you know, small formats make me nervous; they tighten me up.  It took a full hour and a half before my frustration pushed me to a what-the-hell attitude and I started to go at her with loose dabs, dashes and strokes that fell off the canvas.  I intend to push her around again this afternoon. Up tight was not acceptable. What was very acceptable was being back at the easel. 



  1. A pleasure to be here with you to see how your work is going well , a pleasure follow processes that inspire you.
    Also you have inspired me with the idea of a free design and fast connected to the times of the coffee.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying your mornings. I am enjoying mine too. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog.

  2. I see you have Rita now doing the 30 minute routine :0) If I have a go can I have tea instead of coffee? Glad to see you back at the easel

    1. Of course! Maybe with a dollop of B & B. That's how I have mine--but at tea time--just before the cocktail hour. :-)) I'm glad and sad abut being back at the easel--glad to be painting---sad I chose to do a small painting. I hate small.

  3. Delighted you have the daily drawing bug and loving how you are translating your lovely sketch into a painting.