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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Give Me COLOR!

Dramatic head garb. I like it. Sargent liked it too.
NOT AT SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING!  Sorry if viewers  need more. Color happens in studio sessions, not while sitting in front of my SAD light.

This  morning I spent twenty minutes with Sargent.   This  copy goes something like Sargent's except his was done with ink, a brush, graphite or charcoal and then liquefied-- way too much trouble for six thirty in the morning. Color would be too much of an effort too first thing out of bed.  My drawings are amusements to make the time pass--amusements which have paid off with a sharper eye and  a confident hand. The black and white sessions will end in April.   


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Love your boat series. Those paintings are colorful. I took a look the other day on Art Finder. How is that for promoting sales?

  2. Ik blijf het ontzettend knap vinden Linda lieve groetjes Danielle

  3. Danielle said: I keep find amazed Linda cheers Danielle

    I said: Me too. My moods go all over the place, but not really; I'm a pushover for hats.

    Ik ook van jou. Mijn stemmingen gaan helemaal over de plaats, maar niet echt. Ik ben een lachertje voor hoeden.

  4. Wonderful work Linda. Your work with Sargeant is great.....I just finished a Sargeant piece....maybe I'll post it SOMEDAY....

  5. Hi Linda.

    Drawing, Drawing, and Drawing. I love it. This Drawing of this lady is fantastic Linda. I think i prefer drawing than Painting, well equily. All the best Linda.