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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moving Up The Beach


The sun rose on the Marriott yesterday, but set four doors down at the Ritz. 

We're odd beach bums. We like to move around, especially when on an extended stay vacation. While the beach is the beach all along the Hotel Zone, the hotels are not. After twenty years coming to Cancun, we've narrowed down our preference to two.  The JW is more contemporary; the Ritz, more traditional.  Like I can't decide between a contemporary or a traditional approach to painting, I can't decide which hotel I wish to give all my time.  So we split our eighteen nights between the two.  


At the very tip of the roof of the second palapa is a pinky dot with a white roof. That's the Ritz.  Between here and there is The Hard Rock, Secrets (an all inclusive) and the Meridian, which is no longer the Meridian. It's within walking distance, but we took a cab.  No drawing went on. We are moving slow. The salt finally caught up with me and I had to shake off a slight Vertgo attack with tons of water,  a discussion with Chef Michael at the Ritz on a lowest salt diet and lots of sleep.  Chef Michael was fantastic. Our first night, he made me a lovely salad with very tender, very plain chicken breasts. I don't think I could have gotten that service at the JW, but I never asked. I will next year.

But there was a trade off. Here it is 6:35 AM and there's no sunrise I can see coming today. 

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