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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Different Point of View


 Only the hardy braved the beach this red flag day. The winds were 15mph. The sand exfoliated sunbathers head to toe. The  surf left a fine film on everything, fogging sunglasses and dampening cover ups. Painting plein air was out of the question. The paint would have been hard to control. We gave up the fight at noon. We decided to seek a different point of view. As I love to paint, Honey loves to shop hotel rooms. He found a bargain he couldn't resist, in this off season resort in this off season time of year.  Above is the side beach view from  our new digs. Below is the ocean front view from our new digs and a photo study for a cityscape. Honey missed his calling. He should have been a travel agent. :-))



The blues have to be reorganized, but I do see painting possibilities.  The winds have dropped to 8mph
today, maybe I can get down a thumbnail?  

Walking against the wind yesterday and having to use all my strength to open and get through doors was quite the workout.  Every muscle ached when I went to to shower and found no water in our new room. 

"Ah Honey, ya think we should rethink this great bargain?" 

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  1. Well, it is beautiful.

    Hope you found some hot water.