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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Homespun Sunrise, digital photograph

My next charcoal? Could be.
Spring arrived this weekend and it was way too nice to spend any time indoors painting. It was deck time. It  was get out of the house into the garden and soak up the glorious rays time. It was pump up your tires and shove off  to tour the neighborhood time with hands high in the air welcoming the season.

The weekend was joyous from sunrise to sunset three days in a row.  All our lives I told Ellis the time to enjoy the weekend is whenever the weather was spectacular-- it could happen on a Tuesday, a Wednesday, a Thursday and even a Monday.  This weekend the dreariness lifted  Friday, so we made the weekend a long one and set up the patio furniture, bought the ferns and listed the new plants needed for our entrance garden. While I didn't make it out to photograph the daffs up close, I photographed a Michigan sunrise and a  colorful, wooded painting reference. I found a fine specimen of a walking stick, cut it to size, sawed off the knotches and crudely carved my name. With my sturdy staff in hand, I'm ready to explore.

A reference photo with great painting potential--minus a tree or two.

A Dawn to Jump Out of Bed, digital photograph

The glowing yellow, pink and blue of the sky is what got me running for my camera at six thirty AM to catch the sunrise. I played around  a bit digitally to bring out the details and deep colors in the lower portion. Ellis, just pouring his coffee, thought I was nuts. I knew I was energized.


Felice Cinco de Mayo!  The significance of this Mexcian/American holiday to the US is it is the celebration of Mexico's defeat of the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862; the holiday is not a celebration of Mexico's independence.  By miraculously defeating the French forces, Mexico stopped the French from aiding the southern confederacy in our Civil War.  The battle also ended any further European invasions of the Americas. Viva Mexico! Check it out on Wikipedia. History is fascinating.


  1. Another example of your unquenchable enthusiasm.

    1. Thanks Mick. It is about time my enthusiasm was aroused. It's been sleeping all winter.

  2. I love that reference photo of yours, looks almost like a finished painting. I hope you enjoy the fine with on your deck. =)

    1. Thanks Roger. I stopped by today and couldn't believe you were painting Fall while I was celebrating Spring. All of those berry paintings are your best. You are one man who really knows how to break up space. We share a love for balancing positive and negative forms.