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Friday, December 14, 2012


Ritz Blue is no longer. I let Ellis influence my judgement once again. It's my fault. I keep thinking he knows art, and he hasn't a clue. I went back in to define and screwed it up. Now it's just a photo in my file. He's a great guy and all that, but no connoisseur. That rough abstract was Ritz Blue, the best one could hope to do given the limitations of my materials. I actually liked its roughness and primitive simplicity. Too bad.

I'm really enjoying painting outdoors. Plein air will be a New Years resolution. But there's nothing like this scenery around my house, so the question is: will I be able to keep my resolve?

A photo of what I painted and the painting:


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    1. Thanks Mick, but I am having difficulty with these opaque paints. There's a learning curve.