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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Crosses the Final Finish Line

Remember Summer Shade, the first painting I did  in the summer of 2009 after finishing a full load of cancer treatment? Well it got a bit more cheerful this morning. I've been staring at it for three years thinking it's freaking depressing. Today, it got splashes of red, pink, a lot more yellow, happiness.  2009 was a scary year.  While I went through all the docs said to do methodically and in good spirits, beneath my upbeat demeanor was terror. It's gone. I painted it out.  Do you notice how more controlled my brush strokes are today versus then? Then I was angry. Now the kids are coming, the kids are coming and I'm looking forward to the mess and the noise and the chatter and the laughter and all the shoes scattered all over the front hall. Break a leg.


  1. Dear, I did not know your history, but I am happy that you care about following me and my little world. I felt all the time how strong you are - your energy is touching me. Thank you, work with your pictures and live!

  2. Thank you Maria. I'm just coming away from all of that now. I have never been more happy than I am painting full time and loving every minute, the successes and the failures. None of us should have to have our lives threatened to teach us to open up our eyes and appreciate everything and everyone around.

  3. 'm happy that you survived, dear friend!...... I am ALSO happy that you finished this beautiful painting and that you have such a great family to share your happy times. Life is great!

  4. It's not sad now. I am glad that you have survived and healed and thrived. Enjoy.

  5. Thanks you dear friends. So far, so great. There's always going to be something hanging over my head. For as much as cancer frees you, it also tips you off on your vulnerability, which knowledge, though a bit scary, does push you out the door or into the studio to grab the present. That's a good thing too EXCEPT you now have no regard for being frugal and that sends Honey up a wall. "Oh Gomez, I do like to torment you so." LOL

    As I sit here sipping AM coffee and looking at it hanging in front of me , I'm thinking a tad more pinky pale coral where the sun hits those flowers on those trees that I saw black at first. It sure is wild and messy, an acting out, after the fact. The other lady in the chemo chair, didn't make it. I'll never forget her name: Carol Plafchan. I think I'm going to call this painting The Summer After. We do paint the times of our life every time we pick up a brush. I love it.

    Cancer aside, I adore the sponge layers now available for Masterson acrylic (closed) palettes. That sponge stays wet for days and keeps the paints wet for days--DAYS. A wonderful improvement over the original sheets you had to soak for ten minutes in very hot water.