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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I glanced out my doorwall and there it was: the first hibiscus of summer in the middle of August. I have been nursing this plant all through fall and winter, all through spring, all through summer. All I got for my efforts were glossy,beautiful, abundant leaves--then I noticed tiny buds, tiny promises of rewards to come. And sure enough, as I carried my coffee out on the deck, a single lovely bloom greeted me. "Hello there Linda!" Thrilled, I ran to tell the wicked King he could stuff his threats to chuck the plants. What an impatient boob! HaHa!


  1. Males seem to be too black and white in their solutions, huh? lol.. see told ya... 2 different types of hibiscus... the ones from Brazil bloom in winter. look at these:

  2. Just took my stubborn nature and regular feeding. Profuse blooms not yet,but if there is one bloom, most likely I can expect another. Trouble is summer is winding down and the weather that brought on this bloom won't be around much longer.

  3. Hi! I read your comment on Kalei's Best Friend's Blog and bounced on over here to encourage you to send me your mini skirt photo. I am posting them two at a time to allow visitors to go and check out the contestant's blogs so Kalei's Best Friend will be up next week- I hope. It's turning into a fun contest with people now bending the rules to get in.Thank you for coming by and if you want to participate I'd be delighted to accept your entry- even without those gogo boots!
    Warm wishes

  4. hey, don't give up- u may get more blooms.. if its in a pot, i bet if u put it near a sunny window u may have luck...

  5. Beautiful!
    I am feel your joy :)

  6. Greetings,

    I know the feeling when something you have nursed for months returns the favor with a beautiful bloom. For me it is when seeds of trees germinate and grow up strong. However there is something very special when one is rewarded with a flower, especially after someone doubted your efforts.


    Wishing you all the best,

  7. Thanks Evelyn. It is a lot of joy when something you hoped would happen happens.

  8. Egmont, thank you for visiting. I have had quite a few pleasures in life out of pure luck. This one was achieved with calculation--otherwise known as loving care. The HaHa was a bonus.