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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Full Weekend: Priceless Memories, Fun Painting Ahead

Far from being classic car buffs, we still enjoy cruising along with them down Woodward Avenue recalling the nights we spent breathing heavily in Honey's mom's 1955 Chevy Bel Air. On my dateless nights spent with the girls, we headed for Totem Pole Drive-in and drag raced the boys in my mom's Pontiac Catalina, a deceptive looking girly car till you laid your foot on the gas and left the guys coughing in the exhaust.
We passed a few Bel Aires circa 1950s and the first "sports car" I ever drove, the Ford Thunderbird from 1960, while chugging along in our embarrassingly new 2009 Lincoln MKX. Detroit is a car town through and through. And car buff or not, the Dream Cruise, a week long event that brings some 40,000 classic and muscle vehicles and about a million car enthusiasts together, was a gas of a trip down memory lane recalling the fun of speed, the fun of sneaking the car, picking up the girls, checking out our boyfriends to see what they were up too, (we weren't stalking then, we were boy crazy teenagers)--then cruising Woodward and showing what our moms' cars could do off the line at cross walks. Drag racing was an equal opportunity sport when I was seventeen, which was a generation before American Graffiti appeared on the silver screen:

I read about the contest on Images and Insights of Kalie's BFand thought what the hell, I still have a mini dress in my closet. I will enter Carol Wyer's contest as described on her blog Facing Fifty With Humour,to assert that facing fifty isn't anything to dread. Fifty is the beginning of an era where all your silly hang ups and insecurities melt away--you meet you during those years and actually learn you like yourself.

I snapped the shot myself as you can see and found nothing humorous about squeezing into the size eight, till it actually zipped and made me giggle. If I look exhausted, it's because I whacked myself out looking for the gogo boots even though every seventy year old woman knows that gogo boots go with hot pants, which were a lot shorter than mini skirts!


Oh no Mister Bill! They're subtle,but they're in the yard nonetheless. You know how I feel about Fall. Fall is the beginning of our fall into the depths of winter and despair. But this year I intend to get a SAD light,(I like the visor lamp)--or get the hell out of here?

There's also a lot of Purple Strife in the wild grasses. Purple Strife is an imported nuisance weed somebody introduced to our lake to what? Make it smaller? It is pretty though, and the following photo will be an excellent reference for a large abstract on one of those canvases you saw waiting for me in the corner of my studio. I also managed a couple of quick, get acquainted sketches. I do love the wild grasses. They are so full of colors and lines intersecting. Fun painting ahead.


  1. My goodness Linda you look stunning in that mini dress!!!!

  2. Haha, sounds like your life is full of fun and colour!

  3. Thank you Agnes, a dress to some, a beach cover up really. Stunning is the woman who doesn't have to gasp for air in her clothing. Nice to have you back.

  4. Your life doesn't look too drab Evelyn--you seem to find the color in all the places you visit with your talented camera.

  5. I couldn't be happier to have you in the contest- you are incredible and look phenomenal.
    That last painting is soooo fabulous. My son paints like that having been influenced by Jackson Pollack. He would love to have painted that...more to the point I love it.
    Thank you so much for joining in the fun at my blog. Your philosophy towards life is perfect...especially as it is my own philosophy too!

  6. Jackson Pollack is a hero--along with quite a few others Carol. What I like about his work is the impression of abandon when actually his splatter paintings were quite skillfully executed. The surfaces are beautiful.
    He used epoxy paints (or similar) on unprimed canvas. There's a tactile quality to them and I always want to touch when I come across one in the museum.

  7. Hallo Linda! Just popping over from Carol's blog. Thankyou so much for your comment on my blog today. I did reply that I thought your mini skirt photos were fantastic, and I particularly loved the dress in the second photo. Looking at your paintings, I can see that you are a very talented lady.

  8. Thanks so much this is me--very kind words. But you ain't seen nothin' yet, I've more or less been on a vacation from painting. Re-evaluating etc. I might get back to it one of these days when the temps fall and outdoor life becomes only-if-you-have-to. Thanks for visiting. Dew drop in again.