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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weighing Progress

With morning coffee in hand, I'm weighing the overall balance of my Four Seasons quadtych. Fall needs some fallen trees--some horizontal lines, or nearly so,breaking up the path. And there's not enough definition as yet. When grouped together as I see these four paintings, the weight of each of them must be equal--of equal intensity that is.

Winter is just a stand-in drawing. As much snow as we've had this year, I haven't quite found the photo that says Winter best. This one weighs okay, but with additions and corrections: More linear white through the trees; heightened blue shadows. Blue is the color that will tie these four together. Off the top of my head of course. Once in progress, who knows?

My schedule is pretty clear today--just one master bath plan to review--pretty clear the rest of the week too, just a couple of AM appointments. Actually, I expect quite a few quiet hours spent in the studio this week. My beautiful new car is going into the bump shop, a victim of a "tag" and run.

Some Bimbo on a phone didn't look in front to her left before making a left out of a mall driveway into the left hand turn lane where I was in the process of making a left into the next mall driveway. Even though I caught her coming out of the corner of my eye and sped up so she'd miss me, she also sped up to bump the panel just behind my back wheel on the driver's side. I parked as soon as I made the turn safely into the lot, jumped out of the car, but by then she had sped away and I couldn't get her plate numbers. Very upsetting.

The damage was two paint scratches--gouges--and a split in the panel. The irony is, I am a gal who drove 17,000 miles in the last three years; I'm hardly on the road. With such great odds going for me, this hit and run is very unfair and quite frankly pisses me off enough to hex that woman.

In the safe surroundings of my studio this week, the incident will be forgotten--until the insurance goes up--if it goes up. I hope it doesn't go up. With this kind of luck, it'll probably go up. Who's kidding who?


  1. Why would your insurance go up? I remember when my 4runner flipped on its side.. $9k it took to fix it.. all cosmetic.. My insurance found me innocent.. my rates did not go up.. The roads were slick and I lost control.. I was making a right turn from a dead stop. Even the cops told me it was weather related... Karma will get that biatch..believe me.

  2. Well that's very good to hear. For someone who drives so little, I've now been in a couple not-my-fault scrapes living in this neighborhood of lunatic cellphone chatty-cathy drivers. I figure my insurance company will be fed up with me. I should have chased her down, but one black SUV would have looked like another by the time I got out of that lot and back into the heavy traffic that's on that road.

  3. I can't believe she just sped off! How awful for you, and what a @#$(!@ of a woman!

  4. Evelyn, I wasn't surprised at all. You have to live around here to know most of the inhabitants are full of themselves--you know what I mean?
    Back when we bought our place, I was conflicted. I loved the place, hated where it was. BUT I gave in. The money was right and it was three miles from the office. I usually try to stay off that street and when I get my car back from the bump shop will try harder.

  5. Last summer I did a four series of paintings. (Nothing as ambitious as yours.) It wasn't until I put all four of them together that I realized how one of them stood out... it didn't fit. I had to redo it. Amazing how that happens! I think your series is coming along beautifully.

    Some kid threw a rock at our front sunroom window last week and broke it. No, he never fessed up. Hail damage got two of our work trucks last week as well. Mother Nature said, "Go suck it."

    I feel your pain.

  6. I feel yours too. The shattering of that window must have scared the @#%& out of you! Hail is scary too (and does in the finish of vehicles)--as is this weather. I just said to Honey last night I think we may be going into an ice age. He laughed, but Michigan's temps are 15 degrees below normal and rain is an everyday thing.
    That precipitation following the amount of precipitation we had over the winter does suggest major a climate change.

    My quadtyck might have been too ambitious for someone just getting back to this--but I'm sticking with it. I wish I could stick with it a little more, but there has been a resurgence of business and work has been getting in the way. I'm both happy and sad about it.