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Monday, May 2, 2011

Daffodils in Full Bloom

With the daffodils in full bloom, Bin Laden meets his doom. Good riddens. What wonderful news to wake up to. Carrying a bitter grudge for ten years, was heavy baggage. Now we can let go and hopefully gracefully back off from all the shite this devil provoked. The lust for revenge is an ugly trait, unfortunately a human one, totally ungodlike, nevertheless, it is sweet to have killed the killer of so many of our citizens and sent so many young men to war. Bin Laden. May you rot...for igniting and unleashing evil in the world causing so many families grief.

While our little band of special ops guys were plotting their mission, last week was a mixed bag, a bit heavy on the work side for me. Not that I'm complaining. After a year plus of silence, the phone is happily ringing, Honey is happily singing and I dusted off the drafting board in my office. We got two quotes out, put an audio/visual maven to work, contracted a condo rebuild project which will put many more tradesmen to work, and met with a couple stuck in their home that didn't sell because the master bedroom wasn't masterful enough.

On my coffee breaks, I took charge of my closet. I moved it to the skinny girl's room and began to ferret out the proper dealers to sell my wares of fours and sixes. When not working on this new business, I also managed to photograph and paint a little. A little is still better than none at all.

The photograph up top is one I took of the daffodils in my woods. It would make a nice abstract painting. When the flowers withered, I pressed one in an art book. It will be a fun memory when I discover it in months to come. The pansy photo is just because I like pansies. No future painting here, just the record that I had pansies in the yard--and that's about all so far.

Then there's another sketch for a possible winter painting to go in this Four Seasons quadtych. This too will be a difficult painting for me. I'm really not a snow bunny. Hate winter much more than I dislike fall. I have no doubt that my dislike for these seasons is what's holding me back. An artist needss to feel enthusiastic about what she's doing.

The painting details from Fall Woods you see here were also done in between freezer or pantry runs. A few minutes here and there are often more productive than spending hours laboring over a piece. You haven't got time to think. You just grab a brush, do what has to be done and move on. Not a bad work process. Not a bad improvement since last week. Then I had taken it all the way down to dark. The last brief sessions I've been bringing it back up and have introduced vertical lines, which I intend to increase. It's really taken me quite some time to stumble onto what I really see that really isn't to be seen in the inspirational photograph.

Have a good week everybody. There's at least that if not more time till the terrorists find some other crazy zealot to take the asshole's place.


  1. I love the flowers. That painting (or sketch?) - brown, black, blue - is lovely. It's a very nice abstract. I was attracted to it instantly.

  2. Thanks Celeste. I do love the clear yellow and blue with those red strips. Primaries are me I think.

  3. Me too Evelyn. I shlepped out into the woods and picked those things probably for the first and last time. Climbing over fallen trees is not my favorite turf. That's a photograph--taken with the idea of using it for a painting. The cattails are okay, but the lines are not as fine as they should be. That's what preliminary sketches teach.