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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Might As Well


No time to do an artful arrangement to photograph. I just spread it out. I've been busy making and spending money.

After a year plus of working hardly at all, residential design projects are falling in our laps. Might as well fix up our non-salable real estate is the attitude. Since you can't get what you paid for your house, you might as well shape it the way you like it. That kind of thinking is my kind of thinking--and yours too. The surge in remodeling comes at a great time. I have needs.

In the last two weeks I've designed and specked a kitchen and two master baths (approximately 100,000 USD). Honey's been quoting USDs too. Feeling good about our new economic promise, I took time off to shop. I couldn't paint another stroke till my blood flow wasn't being cut off from my lower limbs and I could breath easier in my pants. It seems this non-athlete has been on steroids. I suspected as much, but who knew? My doctor.

I wasn't being paranoid when I thought my legs were starting to look like Lance Armstrong's. They are. I wasn't paranoid when I thought I was bulking up while eating the same small, boringly healthy portions and exercising regularly. Thanks to this pill, Arimidex, I've been taking for two years and must take for three more, my breast cancer supposedly will not reoccur. BUT in exchange for this peace of mind, for the first time in my life I have to accept being a zoftig, full figured woman who looks a bit like stuffed sausage in her skinny jeans. After hearing that somber news from the doctor this week, off to the stores I went to console myself and see what zoftig women wear?

I expected shrouds. But was pleasantly surprised to see stylish stuff and thought might as well bring some outfits home. And I did. From Chicos. From Christopher Banks. And from Annie Sez. Next week I'll hit Nordstrom's and maybe Old Navy; I hear they have dark blue jeans, boot leg cut, short, regular and long lengths for us curvy gals. Might as well. I can hardly wear warm ups when out with clients. To make a buck, I have to spend a few, churn the economy, rev it up. --And isn't that what we've all been hoping for these last three years? You bet.


Not a great Haiku, but where there's wall space, there should be paintings--just this artist's opinion.

Design Tip: We're putting in quite a few clock outlets for individual picture lights rather than ceiling spots. Individual picture lights are a wonderful way to show off art--but for works underglass, the glass must be non-glare--actually, non-glare glass is the only kind of glass to use. It's as important as acid-free matting and backing materials.


  1. Dear Linda,
    I love your sense of humor!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. Thanks Sadami. I need all the sense of humor I can lay my hands on.

  3. From what I can see, I love that outfit!. Along w/that sense of humor how about a bottle of wine?

  4. I'm always open to sharing a bottle of wine. --It's a cute skirt. What I call a dorm skirt, the kind you threw on when it was time to go to dinner in the college dormitory and you had to be dressed, but didn't feel like it. It's not a mini. It's a maxi--hits mid shin. Perfect for bending and stooping to measure spaces. There's a white tank under that silky jacket. A pair of flats or sandals and you're done. Most important: an elastic waist. No more waist bands digging in. I intend to buy a number of these. They are this year's style according to HB.

  5. I think that length is sexy.. love the color,, u can dress it up w/the right shoe and jewelry...

  6. Thank you for shopping--the market rose last week. I will shop when pockets return to slacks and waists have risen to the waist. I've been waiting a long time--only buying tops!

  7. Go to Chicos Hallie. The waists sit on the waist and no seam rides up your backside. The pockets in the pants are straight, not slanted so the lining doesn't show when you sit and the pockets bulge out from your hips. I was impressed. Chrissy says they have an on line store, but I like touchy-feely. Plus I'm for trying on before dropping the silver at the register. I'll be 70 and a half so you know where my coins are coming from.