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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Merry's Warming up--Maybe Smiling?

Merry's warming up. It's funny how just one thing can lift your mood out of a funk. Merry enjoyed two experiences. She threw her bathroom scale in the trash. Then made arrangements for the Vegas trip. It's a bit scary-- Mandalay Bay is a lot gigantic--boutique hotels are her preference-- but the little people she hasn't seen in two years will be there and will love it. She loves them, so it'll be great--hot and frantic, but great.

I couldn't leave Merry in a slump. I didn't want to find some record of my angst staring at me or one of my kids at some future date when sorting through drawings. Besides I really wondered how can one paint over a dry watercolor? I questioned the underpainting idea. Very carefully was the answer. By now you know I'm an Expressionist by nature. By now I know I'm an expressionist by nature. I can put aside my ideas of making pretty pictures and just paint.

Half hour sit downs with watercolor is all I have time. Design projects are lining up. Over the last couple of days, I laid out plans for a kitchen; drew the elevations to check it out; went through my partner's measurements for a master bath he went to see and decided he can no longer go alone. Measurements were missing. But I've done enough projects over the years that I know how architects think and builders build and I can piece together the puzzle. There's no emotion in architectural design; there are codes to follow, people to consider. But my carefully calculated architectural documents drawn at the same time as Merry with that painting's free, easy and loose style makes a lovely balance.


  1. Merry is getting merry!... Funny how color and shading makes a diff... I do like the difference in each.

  2. And prettier too. Amazing how our spirits can be lifted with just a shift in the weather or the possibility of a family reunion.

  3. Great that you are able to find a balance. "Projects are lining up" is a good position to be in.