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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Honey and I do lunch. If you've been following closely, by now you know this. We prefer to have dinner at lunchtime and lunch at dinnertime; it's healthier AND we get to go to all the places we like to go when there's no mob scene, no reservations required and the service is excellent. The rest of our crowd does not see dining out our way. They are still dining out on Friday and Saturday nights, the nights for people bogged down by children and babysitters, the nights that are the busiest time at restaurants, times when the service is the poorest and the atmosphere is polluted by the noise of chatter and clatter. If you like to see and be seen, fine. We no longer care. Happy in our own company, we're good just the two of us. it's a dangerous way to live considering where we are in life I know, but for now, this suits me just fine. And doing a series of photographs based on our luncheon restaurant choices intrigues me.

The two photos below are from a restaurant that no longer exists. The parents ran the place--chef and business partner/wait-person. Both kids were going off to college--the same one in another state. The parents found a spot in the college town, bought it and have opened up a restaurant. How's that for sticking to your kids like glue? Poor kids.(Sorry the photo's are blurry. I didn't know a series would occur to me at the time. I took the photos under the influence; I thought the shots would make nice paintings. I like objects lined up particularly those water pitchers).

I want to welcome my newest follower Leovi, a talented photographer from La Mancha, Spain, whose photographs are not blurry at all, but crystal clear and quite beautiful in their abstraction. Take a look for yourself.


  1. Good idea to swap lunch and dinner, and go to places when it's quiet...

  2. We are one of the few couples who think that way Evelyn. Friends think we're odd. So every now and then, I'll make plans with them for a Friday night (never Saturday night) just to be social and inevitably I get mad at myself for making the date and upsetting our schedule. (Saturday nights out are for the young movers and shakers and every place is a noisy hassle).
    When you go to lunch, it's easier to try out the new restaurants. You don't have to think about making reservations way in advance because the whole world is excited that there's a new place in town. Our last two cold, dark winters had a lot to do with changing our ways. At night, we're more comfortable at home in front of a fire. Some might call us old fogies.

  3. I went to your friend's page.. wow! I so agree w/you! love his abstract photos... As far as eating out/in,I so agree w/you.. Would u believe I eat dinner early? omg, I think I am turning into every senior relative I have... It does make sense to eat a light dinner- that is what I do.. I seem to be hungrier at lunch.. You are not alone, I find more people eating lighter at later hours.

  4. The smartest eating I've seen was in Italy where they did have large lunches and small bites for dinner very late, around ten o'clock. the day was laid out very simpatico.