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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gone Shopping


A long lunch with a friend, one more change in design plans to be made before the meeting this afternoon, animated discussions with my biz partner, also a suspected sinus infection with a river of glop running down the back of my throat to upset my stomach pretty much put painting on the back burner yesterday. Too bad. It's at times like these painting is the best medicine. The act does lift one up to another plane totally removed from everything else, totally pleasurable, hiccups and all. Maybe this afternoon?

I want to thank Nanina, Garden Groans, again for sharing her experiences with the medium. I really appreciate the time she took to comment. I'm very grateful--so grateful I visited her site to see what she was groaning about. I discovered she's the lady to see if somethings up in my garden--and something always is.

Bright side: The bulbs out in the woods are showing green (they're the blue green mass in this painting of Spring). As soon as I can see a yellow dot, out I go to photograph up close the flower that I've been curious about for twelve years. I do hope there's no snakes out there--it really looks like a good habitat for such creatures.


  1. Thanks for sending this. Opens a whole world of artist blogging to me besides keeping up with what you're doing. Wonderful. Love the COLOR!!

  2. You are welcome. The blogoshpere as some call it is full of artists showing they work and full of art chat too. Quite fun. Quite informative.

  3. Like you, I'm stumbling around in the darkness of watercolor painting. I have made countless errors in technique, skill, judgment, time, etc., and am only too happy to share a tiny bit of my limited experience. Watercolor is loaded with snares and pratfalls, making good pictures challenging. But you are well on your way.

    Thanks for linking to my gardening blog. It prompts me to put down my brushes and do some posting on weeds.

    Here's hoping you are feeling better this afternoon.


  4. oh, I love the reflection in the first image. It's so shiny. Happy Weekend Linda.

  5. You're very welcome Nanina, it was my pleasure.

  6. Happy weekend to you too Evelyn. I'm going to keep this one a quiet one--unless life knocks on the door and makes me a better offer.