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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gardening Just Gives Me The Shakes

Splitting your time between a job and art isn't easy. Particularly if your job is nine to five. Add a family and a house to the mix and there's hardly a minute to spare. Your art takes the hit.

Fortunately with children grown and long gone,consequently a lot cleaner house, and a job I work on my clock,I can usually steal an hour most days and sometimes an hour and a half.(Any time longer most often results in an over worked piece).

Yesterday housework took my energy. Usually on Mondays, housework takes only half a day and I paint in the other half. But yesterday was different. It was a day for gardening. Gardening. Working outside. Something this vitamin D deprived person hasn't done in months. I wasn't going to miss it.

It was Spring. The temp was in the forties. It was sunny. It was a nice day at long last. With not a second thought about painting, I went to the garage for the pruners and hit the garden to severely cut back the spirea. The row of solid, brilliant magenta flowers in June and July is a sight to see.

I wasn't working alone. Another worrisome sign of Spring paid me a visit. A friendly little varmit who lives, I suspect, under the garage floor and will cost me a floor in the future, came out to say...well nothing worth repeating. He just got up on his rock and watched with his beady little eyes as I unknowingly clipped away my energy for righting up the bird bath or anything else.

Now, I only have four bushes and I lift light weights regularly. The chore should have been an easy one. But the different action was a different exercise that I, a beginner, overdid and caused my shoulders to quiver involuntarily. Worse: by the time the job was done, my hands were quivering too . At the cocktail hour, I had one hell

of a time lifting my wine glass to my lips. Putting a brush to canvas? Out of the question. Suduko was it till dinner where I overdosed the salad with dressing being unable to control the tremors.

So what does honey say? "I thought I told you not to overdo."

And I say back,"How do I know I'm overdoing till I've overdone?"

You know, I have that the same problem painting.

Post Script. The Red Cross is on my to do list today. My heart goes out to the people in Tokyo. I can't imagine their shock, pain and suffering. Overwhelming. Donations are definitely a must do--from cash to whatever we can think of to make life a bit easier for them.


  1. My heart goes out to Japan, too.

  2. Well then I've missed you. Good flight. Good time.

  3. gardening in 40 degree weather???omg,u wouldn't catch an Cali person in 40 degree weather! lol..

  4. It was warmer in the sun Crissey. In fact, the day was so nice, after the days we've had, I contemplated bringing up my bike--but then remembered the wind chill factor.

  5. Agnes, I find the videos so heart breaking. All those people homeless, all those loved ones lost, the chaos instantly.
    Unbelievable. And they are still have "after shocks" of 6.7! Tokyo's a nightmare.

  6. "How do I know I'm overdoing till I've overdone?" : good line :)

  7. It should be written in script and hung on our studio walls Evelyn.