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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let the Paint Fly!

This Dekooningesque acrylic sketch on canvas paper said enough is enough. Time to put the final support up on the easel and let the paint fly for real:

I've studied the points that make the scene, the scene:

I've done a spontaneous sketch in watercolour:

And with markers:

My first response was to lightened up the scene to cliche pretty, but that was a lie. I'm not fond of Fall at all. I don't care how glorious the trees glow. Come September 21st all falls down hill pretty fast:

The photograph isn't the best. The color's came out distorted: blue. But there's something about it that says what I really think about the season where everything falls apart: it makes me sad to see summer's plush fade to winter nakedness.

The photograph is right for my Four Seasons series. It suits the style I've been using--line, dots and dashes, broken colors. It's intense. The woods are intense:


Started a new routine this week: driving to work on my bike. Fifteen minutes there. Fifteen minutes home. Work is in my house--so's the bike. Ten degrees and a wind chill south of zero is hardly the time to cruise the neighborhood for landscaping ideas.

Had talks with a client who wants his kitchen/back pantry done by the end of March. I designed it for him three years ago--around the same time I designed the project we just finished. Could it be the residential design/build business is coming back to life?


  1. You say the photo is not the best but I really like it!

    I was just thinking of buying a bike too!!

  2. Do get one! They are such fun. I feel like a kid again flying down hill with my arms stretched above my head--good for the legs too. Can't do that in the house, but the bike stand makes the bike usable all year round and keeps my legs fit for riding the hills come spring.
    The photo's okay--minus the green bush. The blue has to be played way down. Doesn't say Fall. Violet might work better?
    It really is nice to hear from you. Get that bike and get out with your camera.

  3. I never thought residential design went away...At least out here, people are always changing things up- and its not just the ones who have money. You'd be surprised as to how folks will shop for a good price- not a low price but a fair one.

  4. You're not located in the heart of the automotive industry. In the Detroit area, the "recession" hit hard.With the banks not lending anyone anything anywhere, the residential real estate went dead. Houses were worth half of what people paid and at that weren't selling. Consequently, no one was moving. No one was remodeling. New construction stopped. Furniture and home furnishing sales dropped to nil. People were flocking out of the state.
    Michigan, traditionally a Democratic state, voted Republican 100% in the last elections for state officials--right down to the dog catcher.

  5. sound like you are putting the bike to good use.

  6. Biking back and forth to work in my basement is a crazy idea, but breaking the aerobic exercise into two smaller sessions isn't as totally boring as one longer one. The mindset is a bit wacky, but the fantasy is working. I'm strengthening the muscles all around the knee and the knee's in good--back to it young self--shape. The trouble is at the end of the day when I close up shop, go back upstairs and yell,"Honey I'm home!" Honey wonders what the hell I'm talking about. As far as he knows, I've been home all day. His inner child is lacking. Poor guy doesn't know about making boring stuff like exercise fun.

    Meanwhile Evelyn, I was just looking back at your photographs and they are really good. My hats off to you.

  7. Linda, I really like the processing you did on this woodland scene: you call them sketches, I call them real paintings! About your photo, I find it beautiful: you know, I often modify my photos with the photo editing to get new ideas for painting, and they become about as yours...and from there I can paint with more freedom. Hear you soon!