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Friday, January 7, 2011

Blackberry Weekend is Cherry

This blog is about art. I should be sticking with what I know best. I should be showing your my latest drawing, but life seems to have gotten in the way. My new blackberry is monopolizing my time, but everything is turning out okay--and a bit quite cherry.

Honey took my Blackberry back to the store and yes, it had some problems that they worked out. He brought it home and we went to lunch--where the machine monopolized our conversation--where I saw all my e-mails and answered a couple. On the way home, we called Bonnie, my texting crazed friend. While Honey was talking to her, I decided to try out my texting skills and was pleasantly surprised that I had natural talent. I texted back and forth with my number two son. I was indeed getting a handle on things. I was indeed very proud of myself for getting as far as I had gotten in such a short period of time--outstanding accomplishment for a person on the brink of the big 70. Peers I had spoken to in the last twenty four hours had nixed the technology in favor of keeping life simple. Since Honey and I had thirty days to make a final decision, I decided to give it my best. Yesterday, I made significant strides into this century. I could crow about my progress IF a photograph I e-mailed to myself five times had been delivered. The one I took of Honey and e-mailed the day before came through, why didn't these? Hmm? Seems I haven't rounded the curve as yet. I've miles to go before I sleep.

(Special thanks to my high tech son for the video).


  1. Good for you! Playing with new technology, rather than running screaming.

    And thanks to your son; funny.

  2. Michelle, Jean the pain of getting with it is great, but fun. I loved that video--but when I complained to my son that I didn't like all the pauses, he got me started on something else: download and upload speed testing. Who knew one could test? Now who knows how one increases such speeds? Obviously, I need an upgrade!

  3. Funny video and a funny story! I still resist. I'm actually afraid I'd be like so many folks I see and never put the thing down- looks addictive.
    The video, I wonder, might only be funny to us middle agers. I certainly laughed!