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Friday, January 7, 2011

Blackberry Thursday

And perhaps Friday and Saturday and Sunday and who knows how long before I'll know what I'm doing with this state of the art smart phone? Obviously this smart phone is way smarter than me.Punching the icons repeatedly to see what happens, I've done nothing but annoy my arthritic fingers.

Honey and I went to the phone store yesterday at noon. We had to go. Honey's phone was broken; he needed a new one. I wanted to text. Simple enough. We shopped. We selected what looked like a with-it device. Not state-of-the-art, but up there. Everybody loves their blackberries. Honey's is black. Mine's cherry. We listened to the guy. Figured we understood all that he was so smoothly demonstrating--nothing to it a baby can do it. We congratulated ourselves for stepping into the new millennium and took ourselves home to get acquainted with our new purchase. We've been driving ourselves crazy ever since. Maybe mad?

I think I can make a phone call--but don't depend on me in an emergency. It takes me a minute to pop up the keyboard and I often end up calling whoever's number my finger hits in the address book which pops up too to throw me off.

So far I've made some calls unintentionally to people who laughed--namely number three son who wished me a good weekend playing with the thing. (He sounded facetious). I've taken a photo I have no idea how to delete or send to my computer. I've sent Honey an e-mail--and that was the highlight of the many hours spent poking the thing. By luck, I happened to know my e-mail password. Honey did not. Number one son set up his e-mail three years ago and who knows what password he was given? It's written no where in Honey's desk. Why it wasn't the same as mine I haven't a clue; we're a network tied to the same server?

Today doesn't look like it's going to be much better--more time spent tucking around. Even though Honey just shouted that he got the Weather channel (so what) and found the unlock button (very important), I'm thinking KISS, take it back. And yet there are thousands who love their blackberries. Am I being frightened off? Probably. Am I condemning too quickly? Maybe. But who needs all this complication in one's life?I just want to be able to text the grandkids--and my friend Bonnie....................


  1. I think the more options u have on the phone, the more problems and trouble... The convenience of being to access your bank acct. on the phone scares me.. i wouldn't use the phone for that nor post to anything that requires a password...

  2. A Dear Followers sent me her experiences with the smart phone. Lots of laughs. She's gotten past the learning curve. You'll enjoy her input:

    Don't you remember the email I sent out about my Blackberry Curve that David gave to me? I had it for one week. I missed, appts, almost had an accident, made bogus calls, and was crying all the time. I figured out it was the phone doing it to me. I went back to the Sprint store and got the simplest phone made with very large fonts. All my nervous attacks went away.
    But hey, when it suits someone, it's the greatest thing in the world. I see how people adore their smart phones. I also see that they never take their eyes off it even in company. It's always there, next to their plate, on their lap, etc etc. You can't wonder about anything out loud for fear they will immediately go to their phone for the information. Their eyes are always down. The fucking thing is always going ding dong or something like that because they are getting their emails, etc etc.

  3. I don't have my bank acct. on my computer--and have no desire to post anything anywhere, but here. I just want a phone, e-mail, text messaging, camera--and to be able to transfer those photos to me in my computer. That's it. The learning curve is unbelievably frustrating and stressful.