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Monday, December 6, 2010

Whipping Cream

I'm still whipping the cream on those strawberry cupcakes. Violet and Cadmium orange as well as Cadmium yellow light are becoming more important. My strokes are getting less picayune too. I like that but I still have to keep more control than I usually do.

More importantly, I finished most of my holiday cards last night. -- All are headed towards the the mail EXCEPT four. Just spent the morning trying to find the new addresses for my friends in Ziwa and Kalamazoo (hint, hint) and my nephew in Portland-- relocated when married (hint, hint). (I hate sleuthing these sites which suddenly want thirty nine bucks to tell me his address and if he's got a criminal record). Of course not, he's on Facebook,but I doubt I could find his address there--at least I hope not.

Lost a follower I noticed. Must have been something I said or I just simply bored them to death with these mice? I feel badly. With so few of you, each one of you is important. So let me know what's turning you on or off or what direction would be more interesting. I'm flexible and, as my year is coming to a close January 5th, I am thinking of changing the format.--Wish I could change the title too, (it's dull). I'd like to broaden the scope. While drawing daily was important in the get-go, painting has become my main interest. And as you know, Mice isn't happening in a day.

In case you missed it on You Tube yesterday, give this well made video a look and listen. Here's some piano for you. This is talent with a capital T, a kid with panache, a kid with a future. (I really do admire his youth, slim fingers and bravado). Delightful.


  1. LOL, love it.... btw those cupcakes look decadent...hey, i've lost a few, no biggie.. i do know i lost one because after i found out all her site contained were buy me posts or ads, i backed away...why is it that folks have to pimp themselves or their wares and keep a contact only because they're selling...(SHALLOW FOLKS)...The paypal donate sign makes me ignore the site more.

  2. I do visit followers' sites, but you're right if they're hawking something I'm not that interested. If I were them,I'd use Etsy or E-Bay or a gallery. Mention those things, but--keep blog separate from business.

  3. Love the cupcakes! They look great! I lost a follower last week and need to remind myself to not worry about it (easier said than done, of course).

  4. Thanks Mermaid. I've been painting them for so long I think I'm getting a stomach ache. Might be better to go back to twenty minute dash offs rather than updates on paintings in progress? Don't want to bore any more of the art world with my whip cream problems.

  5. Yep, a nice video. He is very talented. Fun to watch too. Ah, wish I could play a musical instrument. Yes, I could learn but there is only so much time and I guess other things come first.

    I am sorry you feel bad about the follower. They come and go, and I must admit that I have from time to time edit the sites I follow. Some get dropped, not because I don't like them anymore, but to keep the list to a manageable length... but I still visit those "dropped" sites from time to time. That's my reason... so the person no longer following you may have his/own... who knows.

    Have a great day, Evelyn

  6. I like your mice and cup cakes! It is a challenge posting paintings if the paintings take awhile to develop and the changes are subtle. But, yum, cup cakes and mice. It's also fun seeing the changes. Lush!

  7. Dear Linda,

    I love your color use, bright and cheerful. Particularly, contrast between Violet, Cadmium orange and Cadmium yellow is eye pleasant. Your strokes make a nice texture, I love.
    Good to hear you've organized cards already. I will do it from NOW!

    Regarding followers, I can only say, please do not be worried about it too much nor blame on yourself (*Linda, do you realize you blame on you? Please stop it right now and remember, as you once talked of the "no-regret attitude" else where. Now is time to apply it to yourself.)

    We cannot be "One fit to all." People come and go. Please be what you are. I really like who you are and enjoy every post. Technically, even word does not a matter. I know some artists' blogs show only art works occasionally, but many follow and love their works. So, eventually, it's all up to an author.

    Thank you for reading, again, a lengthy writing. I hope this can help you some. But it's all up to you, Linda. And at least, I will certainly keep reading your blog;).

    Best regards, Sadami

  8. Sadami, You are a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine. I'm so glad we tumbled into each other here in space.