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Monday, December 6, 2010

Waiting On The Wash

Drinking coffee at the peninsula, waiting to change laundry loads, a twenty minute dash off of the kitchen counter. My kitchen isn't my kitchen--that is it's not a kitchen I've designed.The builder gets the credit for that. It's a kitchen I cook in. It has no fancy fixings. No granite tops or antique Jerusalem tile backsplash. No glass door cabinets with interior lighting and glass shelves. The countertop is cluttered with knife block, toweling, cutting boards, food processor, pitchers full of wood spoons and spatulas. About the only thing fancy in this kitchen is the Subzero, (not pictured), and the undercabinet lights we added when we bought the place. The drawing of the kitchen countertops is the only artistic gesture I made this weekend.

I think I had a reaction to the shingles shot? No rash or anything like that, which would have scared me to death, just dizzy--don't want to lift head off pillow dizzy at first. So Honey and I laid around in our sweats and watched movies waiting for inconvenience to pass-- Maid in Manhattan, (dumb); The Day the Earth Stood Still, (fun), Independence Day, (more fun), A Mel Gibson movie, a Bruce Willis movie, a couple of Californication, (what makes that guy so attractive to these young chicks that they want to spread their legs for him at first sight), and a couple more.

I wasn't too dizzy to share a bottle of champagne, (dizzy is dizzy), and enjoy the lunch Honey brought in. There was nothing wrong with my appetite, so for dinner, we pulled chili from the freezer to go with the left over salad from lunch. We had everything we needed to spend the day in our jammies in the house. (We did manage to brush our teeth).

We hadn't done that in months and it was the last day we could. Our social calendar is full the rest of the month with plans every weekend; and Honey will be working full time through the middle of January. As I'm on my second load of laundry, he's been gone two and a half hours and will be out of the house every morning at the crack of dawn till the double bathroom/dressing room project is completed. He was humming as he got ready to leave. I liked the sound.

Oh I forgot the sweetest thing: Honey surprised me with a piece of pumpkin cheese cake. I've been wanting to taste since I saw the glossy picture on our table at California Pizza Kitchen. I've only been talking about it since before Thanksgiving. It was delicious! It's got a rich texture that plain pumpkin pie is missing. Lovely. I'm going to have to insist upon bringing one next year.


While folding dryer load one and waiting on dryer load two, I thought my dash off needed more. KISS is so difficult for me. For better or worse:


  1. Sorry to hear you had a reaction to the shot, but it sounds like you still had a good day. Now I want pumpkin cheesecake. I have been eyeing it for awhile, maybe I will have to get some.

  2. The texture is so much richer than plain old pumpkin pie. I just knew it. Thanks Michelle, I'm fine today. With me you never know if it's my chronic vertigo or the latest drug I took? When I saw no huge amounts of snow on the ground (barometric changes),I blamed it on the shot--but no way was I going to read the side effects. I'm very susceptible to suggestion. Best to lie down was veg out.

  3. OMG, u got thru Californication? he's such a sleaze.. My daughter had a crush on him, in fact they filmed out here and her gf would see a placard siteing and follow it....Another weird piece of trivia.. I dated someone who had a pretty close resemblance to Mr. D... wonder if Mr.
    D. is an azz like the guy I dated??
    Hope u don't have a delayed symptom.