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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chasing Perfection

All day long I had Mice standing on the stove in my kitchen. I was observing the painting as I labored over a card in Publisher for my son on his fiftieth. Knowing you're bored with Mice, I shouldn't be showing it , but rather the results of the six hours I put into the creation of this very special occasion card. But I want to keep the card secret till the big day--tomorrow. You never know who may be looking in.

At lunch, Honey happened to notice Mice. "There's animals in the middle of the cupcakes." And he looked at me like how could I paint such a thing?

I laughed. What did he think I was talking about all these weeks? "That's exactly what I like about the picture. There's something nasty in the sweets" I said.

"It's disgusting," he said with a shudder

I said," The pastry chef has a dark sense of humor. I do too. That's what made me take the photograph. Honey left the room. Okay, so it's not everybody's cup of tea. I went back to my birthday card.

The painting still needed work, but it was going to be good too. Observing it as I went about my graphic project, I realized what I had thought was a bad session with it wasn't that bad. Even though the whipped confection atop the strawberry cupcakes looked more like meringue, my approach had loosened up. The colors were blending better. I was taking advantage of what my brushes could do. I was learning, improving and getting closer to finished.

My birthday card was close to being finished too. In just six hours, the time it takes to give birth, I think I might have made a keepsake? Of course, that will be up to the recipient. I'll let you know Sunday if my day in Publisher was a waste.

Why did a card take you so long you ask? I'm a perfectionist of course. After collecting all the data, I wanted to use and getting it together in a blank template, I didn't like the print preview and started over again with a different template. The different template required making changes in my layout. Just like Mice, it just wasn't quite right yet. I just can't stop chasing perfection--like to get as close as I can.


  1. LOL, can't believe he just noticed those mice! I think its cool... what an eye catcher and its unique.. kudos to the pastry person and you... so are u gonna show this to the pastry guy? even a photo copy would look cool hanging in his shop..

  2. That's a great idea. Then maybe he'll give me one of those mice to taste--I'll bet they either taste absolutely out of this world, or no where as good as they look. Out of this world would be my guess. I mean who's going to buy a chocolate mouse if it's not fantastic?

    Finished my birthday card finally. Got it printed the way I wanted (two sided) and permanently bound. I'm ready to celebrate my #1 guy's big day tomorrow. For my DIL, I also did a handmade special. So we're going to lunch loaded with surprises. Gotta make up for not being with them later this month. Did a good job. Honey thinks I'm crazy.