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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Anticipation

One medium to large sized pumpkin carved for Halloween makes 38 pumpkin pies. This is a fact.

One Halloween, after using our pumpkin to scare the ghouls, I cooked it, pureed the scrapings, measured the mash into 38 plastic containers and froze them. Over November, I made 38 pies for friends and family for their Thanksgiving feasts. I was astounded that one pumpkin made so many--and more astounded that I made all those pies out of curiosity.

Pumpkin pie is not one of my favorites, but pumpkin pancakes are really delicious with maple syrup and fresh fruit and berries on top--and there's a mouthwatering photo of pumpkin cheese cake on every table in California Pizza Kitchens that has me very curious as to what that luscious looking pastry tastes like? I plan to pick up a piece today for Honey and me to try while watching our favorite holiday kick-off movie: Miracle on 34th Street, the old version with Maureen O'Hara and Natalie Wood tomorrow morning. (We have our very own collectors copy because you can't count on seeing it when it should be seen).

I was also thinking of picking up a bottle of Wild Turkey Bourbon. Doesn't that seem to be a more apropos Thanksgiving drink than wine? I imagine what hard drinkers call "smooth," I will call OMG as it burns all the way down my throat? But a shot of that should start the festivities off with a bang. I've added it to my shopping list along with the cheese cake and picking up my new trousers at the dressmaker's. I'll be needing them.

These glutenous thoughts are coming from the same person who was just bitching about weight and being unable to find pants that fit. Well now that I have them and there's room to spare, I might just have a bit of this and a bite of that. As some wise kid once told me,"There's no calories in a taste."

There's no calories in my very fast drawing of pies either. Pumpkin pies aren't all that gorgeous and will not be featured in my pastry series, which I hope to get back to on Friday.


  1. OMG, the ONE AND ONLY time I had Wild Turkey was way before we had kids..omg, that stuff knocked me on my a double z...Never ever...I have never made pumpkin pie literally from scratch.

  2. Happy thanksgiving Linda. Just looked it up and it's today. Thought I'd have time to make something to join in the festivities... I had planned a Briyani Chicken dish for dinner today, but that is not quite Thanksgiving food...

  3. Thanks Evelyn. But you didn't miss it. It's tomorrow when I de-mold my jello mold and know whether I'll need a platter or a bowl to take it to my son's house. We're having chicken tonight too. Poor planning on my part--but who was planning?

    Crissy, I suspected that Wild Turkey was a wild drink so I didn't pick up a bottle today; we'll stick with wine. Honey thinks that pumpkin pie is so much of not- worth-the-effort. When I made all those pies, I just wanted to see how many you got out of the Halloween pumpkin. It was more of a math thing than a baking thing.

  4. I love pumpkin pie. Of course, I am one of those that loves pumpkins in about any form, muffins, soup, pancakes. Wild Turkey, not so