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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

HELLO ALL YOU CRAZY COOKS OUT THERE! Happy Bird Day. Remember as you fly around the kitchen cooking your hearts out, your loved ones love you no matter how the bird turns. It's a day to gather and give thanks. I'm thankful I'm here. I'm thankful Honey's by my side. I'm thankful at least one of my sons and his gorgeous family lives close enough to for me to hug and kiss.

While the turkey is an interesting looking bird who makes a dumb sound, it's easy to draw, healthy to eat and tasty if you season and baste the hello out of it.

May all the birds in all the ovens across the States be well seasoned and basted regularly. There's nothing worse then dry turkey. But that's why everybody has gravy on hand--just in case. May yours be a good one--and if you're not having turkey in celebration of Turkey Day when the Pilgrims were damn grateful the Indians invited them to dinner, I hope you're having something good and you're having it with loved ones. No, I haven't had a slug of Wild Turkey yet, I just woke up with a happy heart in spite of the gloomy woods outside my window.


Another sketch of my woods in Fall to get the feel of how to paint it. It's a lot gloomy on this happy day. But the linear aspects of the trees is what fascinates me--and the density and the darkness without a turkey or deer in sight. Intuitively, I'm leaning towards a broad brush, a house painter's brush, 1 or 1 1/2", on a large canvas with colors limited and premixed in large quantities. The painting would be a play of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of varying widths, broken and dissecting space. I have the most difficulty simplifying the complexities I see in trees. But weeding out the unnecessary will wait till after the holiday weekend. I'm going to dinner then holiday shopping--if you're tired of shopping, you're not going to the right shops. December 1st is the first night of Hanukkah. I better get a move on.


  1. Well, I am thankful to have found your page... and I bet your family is ever thankful that u are well...Unfortunately, I am one of those crazies... I got the pie in the over, slowly working on the stuffing.. NOT doing a whole bird. omg, learned my lesson on that...two turkey breasts ONLY.. and to tell u the truth, I am not a fan of turkey.. I can deal w/a turkey sandwich and that's about it..
    Shopping? My kids are older so, their 'wants' have greatly lessened. Online shopping is the way to go unless I stumble across something that I know I can't find on the internet...
    BTW I like your latest- it reeks of Fall to me..

  2. Wait till you see the gloomy photos I just shot. They're dark. They're foggy. They woods are colorless and wet. It's raining. I guess I'm grateful it's not snowing. We have an hour and ten drive to son's house. I'm de-molding my jello mold at eleven. Can't wait to see if I need a platter or a bowl. Molds are always a mystery. Turkey breasts are great--the healthiest. I make them all the time. I'm not a turkey lover either, but I do like to gnaw on the bones. Have a nice holiday. As for shopping, my shopping will consist of buying money holder card. My grandkids love the color green.

  3. yep, your grandkids were taught well!. lol... I love that kind of shopping.. Its fun to watch the crazed looks the other shoppers get isn't it??? As far as the mold, I'd take a bowl. unless the platter is almost the exact size... I could see that jellow shimmying all over the place...

  4. It came out in tact last year and made the trip successfully on the floor of the back seat. I'm hoping for the same success this year. I don't like to de-mold with an audience. If it flops, I like it to flop in my own kitchen with just me as witness. If too bad even for a bowl--then there's the "OMG! I walked out of the house without it! How could I have done that?" LOL

  5. So, u r the designated jello lady..or u could blame the missing jello on the wild drinking and partying u did the night before....

  6. Love the movement in this. Happy T-day to you! We seasoned the heck out of our bird -put them in the cavity and under the skin - an old recipe - literally. From the City Tavern, Philadelphia - seasoned the way they did turkeys back in 1776!

  7. Sounds like a busy time of the year for you. Happy Bird Day to you. My chicken briyani turned out beautifully :). I am thankful to have my husband to share it with. No turkey here until Christmas...