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Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Am I Such A Glutton?

I drew this picture with Rapidiograph pens in 1986 when Honey's business was failing and he had his head in the oven big time. I did one of these everyday we were going through the motions of shutting it down. I would start with a doodle and develop the drawing from there. I did ten of them. Of everything I ever did, I like these drawings the best. They really said something about my life and how horribly sad I was, Honey was and the boys would be when the repercussions hit them.

While I'm not feeling particularly horrible about anything as horrible as that part of our lives, I was reminded of this set of drawings as I once again looked into uploading my video and once again failed. And then there it was.

While changing courses for one where I'd be a winner, I came across the drawings while getting my materials together to work on a cabinetry design for Mrs. M's master suite. I was hoping to spend the day in my studio, but Mrs.M comes first.

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