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Friday, October 8, 2010

Whose Little Piggies Are You?

A photograph caught my attention as it slid by my desktop. It was a picture of feet. Four pair. I knew immediately who took it, where it was taken and whose little piggies were whose.

I thought the photo was brilliant. What did feet under a table reveal about the relationships and the conversation going on above the table? What did the style of the shoes reveal? Two pair of New Balance Walkers, two pair of flip-flops. Two going to or coming from a walk? Two going to or coming from the beach? The female flip-flops belonged to the photographer. You can tell her pedicured toes at six o'clock are deliberately placed together out in front so they'd be in the picture. Her chair is set back so she could get a clear shot. She has a sense of humor.

More subtle things are going on with the others. A flip-flop pointed toward a New Balance not laced to the top shows a connection has been made. Two feet making a move towards the center--aggressive, excited, stressing a point--or just nursing a bum knee? Nursing a bum knee,that was me. That was Puerto Vallarta. That was odd. I thought I'd worn my Pumas the whole time?

You think I might have an obsession with shoes and feet? I think so. Those snow boots I started drawing a week ago are on my mind. If I ever finish it, it's going to be good. Same with Mice. The weather has been so glorious, I've been thinking of sailing more than shoveling. Life comes first, art second.

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